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five, six, seven, eight... lets stay up late!

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2/4/08 01:54 am

dear giants &eli manning,
i love you.

1/26/08 03:19 am

cape cod is finally getting recognition.

google: vampire weekend, especially the song "walcott"

it kind of freaks me out. when it's not three thirty in the morning, i'll try to completely update.

8/11/07 01:23 am

this struck me.

Are You Even in This Class?

Professor: ... So metaphorically speaking, that's why the descent into the subway is like going to Hell.
Student: That's ridiculous.
Professor: Really? Why not? It's very hot and sweaty down there, not to mention if you fall onto the tracks or touch the third rail, you're dead.
Student: What's wrong with being dead?

--Borough of Manhattan Community College

Overheard by: vic

via Overheard in New York, Aug 10, 2007

i giggle. new york in a week, hurrah!

6/14/07 02:20 pm

stressing and freaking out about school, transcripts that are still hanging in the balance, and finance.
at least my parents are being relatively calm, which is always a nice change.

6/12/07 08:45 pm

i think it's almost official: my new roommates for the next school year are my loves vernonica & shania.
i love those girls so so so much, and i can't wait to live with them.
next week i go down to look at some brokers and some potential apartments.

astoria, ny is going to be my new home.
i couldn't be more excited.

5/23/07 05:24 am

like seriously, what the fuck just HAPPENED tonight?

4/7/07 02:08 am

the last episode of 30 Rock was so amazing i nearly died.
i just had to share that.

3/21/07 02:08 pm

Trendy Asian girl on cell: So, Max came over last night and we were in the kitchen, and he lifted me up onto the counter and was like, 'I am gonna fuck you so hard,' and I was like, 'Whoa, oh my god!' But I couldn't go through with it. So he walked over to the fridge, opened it up, and put his head inside and started, like, banging his head against the wall. I know, can you believe that?

i love overheard in new york!

3/17/07 03:44 am

i'm sick.
i went to bed at like, 4 am and didn't get back out of bed until 8pm. it sucks.
and tomorrow is fucking saint patricks day and i have the worst headache/noseache/neckache.
i think i might not be able to do anything, which is sad.

my roommate made me tea this morning, i think sometimes i love her.

there's this weird smell coming from my desk. i don't know what it is but it's kind of creeping me out. alot.

anyway, time to attempt sleep again.

3/4/07 12:30 am

Do you still pray about me in your quiet time,
Cast out soft-core demons when I come back home,
Let some Nashville fake record your demo tapes?
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